tktt: Theosophy And Education

“Enq:  But surely he is taught something besides “dead vocables”, and much of that which may lead him direct to Theosophy, if not entirely into the Theosophical Society?

Theo:  Not much. For of history, he will attain only sufficient knowledge of his own particular nation to fit him with a steel armour of prejudice against all other peoples, and be steeped in the foul cess-pools of chronicled national hate and blood-thirstiness; and surely, you would not call that – Theosophy?

Enq:  What are your further objections?

Theo:  Added to this is a smathering of selected, so-called, Biblical facts, from the study of which all intellect is eliminated. It is simply a memory lesson, the “Why” of the teacher being a “Why” of circumstances and not of reason.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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