understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Beloved Legions of Victory, for such I have called you, and such you are! I come again this afternoon to lift you, I trust, one step nearer to the Mighty Victory – the Great Eternal Victory of both your Ascension and the Ascension of your Nation, out of the claws of all that is of the shadows.

As We call forth the Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory this afternoon, to enable you to feel the Mastery which is contained within It, I ask you again to remember that without Forgiveness, you cannot have Victory! Without Love you cannot have Victory; and if there is anything of the shadows, then it is not Victory.

As the Beloved Goddess of Light said to you this morning, in this Great Cosmic Action which has recently been released for Greater Protection and Blessing to the “I AM” Student Body, unless you of your own volition face the Cosmic Sun of Victory and go into Its Heart, then the shadows are in the world about you.

Only when you enter into the Heart of the Flame of any Special Quality, do you lose consciousness of the shadows, the distress, and problems of the outer world.

Therefore, if you are to be the Open Door through which the Light of Victory must come to America, then there must be no more shadows in you or your worlds!

You can just as well have your daily Acknowledgment of Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory in everything you contact, as to acknowledge the outer world’s conditions with which you have associated so long, and which have enmeshed you more and more in their distress.”

Mighty Victory

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