understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, the Authority of your Free Will is absolutely paramount; and with the Great Creative Word”I AM”, backed up with your fierce, relentless determination, it is an Irresistible, Overwhelming Force when charged with the Power of the Sacred Fire!

In order to have more powerful release of that Flame, in order to be Victorious in Its Fullest Cosmic Action, will you remind yourselves that when anything comes to your attention, or any feeling within you that is not the great certainty and ease of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory – whenever there is any other feeling within you, will you stop right then and say, “No you don’t!”

Because if you are not the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, then you are the deliberate defiance of Perfection.

Anything that is not My Victory of the Purity and Perfection of Life, is deliberate defiance of the Perfection of your “Presence”.

All human stubbornness, all irritation, all battle, all domination is nothing but deliberate defiance of Perfection, and that is not Victory!

So the moment anything arises in your feeling world which disturbs the ease and the happiness of the Feeling of Victory, seize it, bind and annihilate it! Blaze the Cosmic Flame of Victory in its place, and you shall be the Eternal Happiness and the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Let Me tell you something, Destructive forces dislike tremendously to be ignored – not that you can always ignore them, but you can turn away from them, and walk off into the Victory of the Light of your “I AM Presence” and abide in that!

To turn the Light back upon the human, blinds it and binds it until it is annihilated, because there is the Light of My Victory so blazing, nothing human dares look into that Light because it cannot live a second longer.”

Mighty Victory

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