understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, you must acknowledge My Victory! You must acknowledge the Victory of your Presence – your Beloved “Mighty I AM Presence”! Acknowledge the Victory of the Ascended Host! Acknowledge the Victory of the Angelic Host! Acknowledge the Victory from the Great Central Sun! Acknowledge the Cosmic Flame of the Cosmic Victory within the Heart of that Cosmic Love from the Central Sun, which is God’s Victory throughout Creation forever!

“I AM” Victory! Therefore, “I AM” the Cosmic Action of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love’s Great Victory, which moves across the face of the Earth, which walks on the waters, which reigns through the Hearts and minds of mankind, which controls the destiny of nations, which protects your loved ones in the National Defense, which compels Divine Order in your daily routine and the outer affairs of your Nation, and which compels the Victory of your Nation over the destructive forces of the World.

You need the Cosmic Expansion of all the Victory of Light within your borders required to shut off and neutralize all the focuses of the mistakes of the people as a nation.

The Real Power of Transmutation, My Beloved Ones, is the Cosmic Law of Love and Forgiveness, which can gaze upon the mistakes of either the individual or the nation and, in the Authority of the Great Creative Word “I AM”, says: “‘I AM’ the Forgiveness of those mistakes! ‘I AM’ its Instantaneous Transmutation into the Victory of the Light for which I call! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory which compels every mistake to be consumed, and its energy become the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory forever!

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Victory of that Directing Intelligence which never fails or makes a mistake! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Guard of the Nation, which compels Her to arise Victorious in the Light! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Victory in the feelings of the people of the Nation, which blazes the Light that makes Her Victorious over all that is of the shadows!

‘I AM’ the Victory of Cosmic Action in whatever intensity is necessary, to compel all physical conditions to change into the Divine Plan Fulfilled – Victory made manifest in Full Authority forever!””

Mighty Victory

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