understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you control your own and you are doing pretty well, and someone in the outer who has quite an accumulation around the central portion of the body, suddenly becomes discordant and the energy dashes toward you, you should learn to control that also.

Try to help the other person control it, by calling the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Higher Mental Body, and the Ascended Masters – I would call all three if I were you – to put Their Arms around the individual, hold control of that energy, and see that it is not allowed to act against the Perfection of Life.

You might get a good hug from your “Presence” and the Ascended Beings in the midst of a heated argument! It might surprise you greatly, but it would be very good for you.

You are not supposed to do it for someone else; you are to hold control of your own energy and let the “I AM Presence” of the other individual and the Ascended Masters handle and control the energy in the other person’s solar plexus. Then you would not have nearly so many arguments.

You will find human selfishness will soon begin to dissolve, and that will give the Higher Mental Body a chance to help the individual do that which will cooperate with you – whenever what you desire fulfills the Divine Plan.”

Mighty Victory

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