understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Whenever you see mistakes in the physical world around you – and this is a feeling in which you will have plenty of practice – instead of saying, “Isn’t that ugly”, or making some remark which after all is the passing of some opinion – if instead you will just say:

“‘I AM’ the Cosmic Force of Victory’s Victory and Power of Light which compels that into Perfection! I command it into the Violet Consuming Flame and the Ascended Masters’ Octave!  Mighty Victory, hold Thy Dominion there forever!

– if you will simply issue Our Command to whatever seems less than Perfection, instead of fighting a thing, rebelling against it, or disliking it, you will clear your own world.

If you will simply take the Authority of your own Life Stream, your own “Mighty I AM Presence”, using Its Cosmic Force, and command what is wrong to become the Cosmic Force and Perfection of the Victory of Light – whether it be in yourself, someone else, or something you see, passing down the street – you will form the habit of raising all you contact into the Perfection of Light!

Anything you see that is less than Purity and Perfection, you need never comment about, unless you want to. You can always use this Command and have and give Freedom of Victory to all Life!

I challenge you to apply that to every person, place, condition, and thing you contact, or that comes to your attention, which seem to have human qualities of distress or unpleasantness!

I challenge you to use the Cosmic Power and Authority of your own Life Stream to command the Cosmic Force of the Victory of Light to take possession, and change all that is less than perfect into the Perfection Life desires.

Then call My Flame into Action and see human qualities disappear. The same thing is true in the selfishness of individuals.”

Mighty Victory

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