understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is something in your Application of which I think some of you need to be reminded:

It is all right to sit down and read the Discourses; and that must be done every day, because the more of the Ascended Masters’ Words you read, the more of Their meaning and Their Power is photographed upon the cells of your bodies, and the more Their Perfection acts through the energy and substance of your worlds.

But the reading does not take the place of your Conscious Command and the “I AM” Decrees sent forth!

You may sit and read all day, and that would lift you to the Heights – that would raise your consciousness to Ours, and We could flood through you and around you, Our Love and Our Power – but if you hold It around you and do not send It forth to an objective through your Decrees, you still would not be expanding the Perfection of Life, which the Law of Life demands.

The feeling within individuals which does not want to give the “I AM” Decrees is a certain form of selfishness – because they want to hold the Power and the Energy within themselves, when the Great Cosmic Law says, “Send It forth into a world which is crying in the darkness!”

Certain Powers of Life, My Dear Ones, are not and never will be conferred upon an individual who will not forget the outer self long enough to issue the Commands of Life and use the Great Creative Word “I AM” – with which every individual is endowed – in the Service of Light to Life in the rest of the World.

People often say: “Well, if I could just get my own affairs straightened out, I would be so much better equipped, and I will give My Service to the Light; but I cannot do a thing while I am in this mess.”  That is why you are in this mess!

If you would forget your own selfishness, your own problems, and your own affairs long enough to give your “I AM” Decrees for the Freedom of millions of mankind, there would flow through your problems and your world, just as much help as you send out and half as much again; and that would be the dissolving of your problems, because you would have sixty percent of the energy in your Decrees acting to solve your own problems.”

Mighty Victory

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