tktt: What Is Practical Theosophy?

“Enq:  All this is very vague. What do you do more than Christians do?

Theo:  It is not what we members of the Theosophical Society do – though some of us try our best – but how much farther Theosophy leads to good than modern Christianity does. I say – action, enforced action, instead of mere intention and talk.

A man may be what he likes, the most worldly, selfish and hard-hearted of men, even a deep-dyed rascal, and it will not prevent him from calling himself a Christian, or others from so regarding him.

But no Theosophist has the right to this name, unless he is thoroughly imbued with the correctness of Carlyle’s truism: “The end of man is an action and not a thought, though it were the noblest” – and unless he sets and models his daily life upon this truth.

The profession of a truth is not yet the enactment of it, and the more beautiful and grand it sounds, the more loudly virtue or duty is talked about instead of being acted upon, the more forcibly it will always remind one of the Dead Sea fruit.

Cant is the most loathsome of all vices; and cant is the most prominent feature of the greatest Protestant country of this century – England.

Enq:  What do you consider as due to humanity at large?

Theo:  Full recognition of equal rights and privileges for all, and without distinction of race, colour, social position, or birth.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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