understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me show you, My Beloved Ones, how the energy of mankind acts, and what it is that has dared to take authority in the outer world from the other Life Streams of this Earth, and command them to war.

That is nothing on Earth but vicious feeling at the solar plexus of a few individuals!

The Victory of Light to which I turn your attention, My Beloved Ones, is the Cosmic Force in the atmosphere of Earth from the Physical Sun, from the Great Central Sun, and from the Ascended Masters’ and Cosmic Beings’ Octave of Light, which is Greater than all the energy in all the bodies of mankind on the Planet.

I turn your attention to the Source of Victory, the Authority for Victory, and the Force and the Power of the Cosmic Light which is always Victory!

Now if I charge this room this afternoon with My Terrific Power, just remember – It is not going to have any effect on you but Victory of the Light! So don’t qualify It with anything else!

If anything distressing acts within or around you, it is your own human creation, not the Light “I AM” releasing!

This Charge of Energy must go forth in this city! It must in Its Cosmic Force sweep over the Land, to compel the destructive forces and their plans to cease action and to let go of America, Her people, and Her resources!

Seldom has there been a feminine body upon this Earth, or upon any other, through which We have been able to release the Force which has gone through the atomic structure of this Messenger’s body since the Ascension of your Beloved Godfre.

Therefore, as “I AM” releasing this Greater Force of the Cosmic Powers of Light into the physical atmosphere of this room, it is to anchor around each of you the more Dynamic Action of the Power of Light, which you require in order to hold your Protection and to have Victory.

If you want Victory, you must acknowledge Victory!

I have offered to take away from every one of you, all that is of your human limitation; but if I take it away, and the next week you go out and accept the suggestions of the people around you, you could not expect Me the week following to do it over again, could you?

The Cosmic Law does not permit that; but if after it has been removed, you will continue to acknowledge your Victory, and My Victory, and the Victory of the Cosmic Light in Its Cosmic Action everywhere throughout the Nation and the World – then may others besides Myself stand beside you and give you Their Victory also.”

Mighty Victory

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