tktt: What Is Practical Theosophy?

“Enq:  Why, then, the need for rebirths, since all alike fail to secure a permanent peace?

Theo:  Because the final goal cannot be reached in any way but through life experiences, and because the bulk of these consist in pain and suffering.

It is only through the latter that we can learn. Joys and pleasures teach us nothing; they are evanescent, and can only bring in the long run satiety.

Moreover, our constant failure to find any permanent satisfaction in life which would meet the wants of our higher nature, shows us plainly that those wants can be met only on their own plane, to wit – the spiritual.

Enq:  Is the natural result of this a desire to quit life by one means or another?

Theo:  If you mean by such desire “suicide”, then I say, most decidedly not. Such a result can never be a “natural” one, but is ever due to a morbid brain disease, or to most decided and strong materialistic views. It is the worst of crimes and dire in its results.

But if by desire, you mean simply aspiration to reach spiritual existence, not a wish to quit the earth, then I would call it a very natural desire indeed.

Otherwise voluntary death would be an abandonment of our present post and of the duties incumbent on us, as well as an attempt to shirk Karmic responsibilities, and thus involve the creation of new Karma.

Enq:  But if actions on the material plane are unsatisfying, why should duties, which are such actions, be imperative?

Theo:  First of all, because our philosophy teaches us that the object of doing our duties to all men and to ourselves the last, is not the attainment of our personal happiness, but of the happiness of others; the fulfillment of right for the sake of right, not for what it may bring us.

Happiness, or rather contentment, may indeed follow the performance of duty, but is not and must not be the motive for it.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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