tktt: Has God The Right To Forgive?

“Enq:  Yet millions believe in the Christian dogma and are happy.

Theo:  Pure sentimentalism overpowering their thinking faculties, which no true philanthropist or Altruist will ever accept. It is not even a dream of selfishness, but a nightmare of the human intellect.

Look where it leads to, and tell me the name of that pagan country where crimes are more easily committed or more numerous than in Christian lands. Look at the long and ghastly annual records of crimes committed in European countries; and behold Protestant and Biblical America.

There, conversions effected in prisons are more numerous than those made by public revivals and preaching. See how the ledger balanced of Christian justice (!) stands:  Red-handed murderers, urged on by the demons of lust, revenge, cupidity, fanaticism, or mere brutal thirst for blood, who kill their victims, in most cases, without giving them time to repent or call on Jesus.

These, perhaps, died sinful, and, of course – consistently with theological logic – met the reward of their greater or lesser offenses. But the murderer, overtaken by human justice, is imprisoned, wept over by sentimentalists, prayed with and at, pronounces the charmed words of conversion, and goes to the scaffold a redeemed child of Jesus!  Except for the murderer, he would not have been prayed with, redeemed, pardoned.


Clearly this man did well to murder, for thus he gained eternal happiness! And how about the victim, and his or her family, relatives, dependents, social relations; has justice no recompense for them? Must they suffer in this world and the next, while he who wronged them sits beside the “holy thief” of Calvary, and is for ever blessed?

On this question the clergy keep a prudent silence. (Isis Unveiled.)

And now you know why Theosophists – whose fundamental belief and hope is justice for all, in Heaven as on earth, and in Karma – reject this dogma.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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