understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know there is a wonderful Statement which would be a wonderful Manifestation and Assistance to you, if in just the calmness of your own Heart in the privacy of your own room, you would say to your “Presence”, “‘I AM’ the Cosmic Victory of My Obedience to Thee.”

The reason for that is this:  When you acknowledge that you are the Victory of Obedience to the “Presence”, then it gives your “Presence” and the Ascended Ones, the Full Cosmic Authority required to shut off more of the pressure which many times would cause you to do things that later on you would regret.

In acknowledging through these Calls:  “‘I AM’ Full Cosmic Obedience to my Beloved ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ and the Ascended Host”, then you have placed all Authority originally delegated to you from your “I AM Presence”, back into the Heart of the “Presence”, and called forth Its Cosmic Action for the completion of the Victory – because when you are the Victory of Cosmic Obedience, then there is no opposition!

There is no fear nor doubt nor opposition from human qualities, because the human knows that the individual human creation cannot stand against Cosmic Forces!


Even the most sinister creations on this Planet give up completely when they see Cosmic Power in Action. They know they are finished!  The sinister force, when it comes right up against the Cosmic Action of certain Forces in the atmosphere of Earth or in the structure of Earth, gives way.

That is why if you will acknowledge your Victory of Cosmic Obedience to your “Presence”, then it is as if you had said:  “My ‘Beloved I AM Presence’, here is everything You have given me. Let Your Cosmic Work go on.”

Mighty Victory

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