tktt: The Difference Between Faith And Knowledge; Or, Blind And Reasoned Faith.

“Enq:   Thus it is on knowledge, not on faith, that you assert that the permanent principle, the Spirit, simply makes a transit through matter?

Theo:    I would put it otherwise and say – we assert that the appearance of the permanent and one principle, Spirit, as matter is transient, and, therefore, no better than illusion.

Enq:    Very well; and this, given out on knowledge not faith?

Theo:   Just so. But as I see very well what you are driving at, I may just as well tell you that we hold faith, such as you advocate, to be a mental disease, and real faith, i.e., the pistis of the Greeks, as “belief based on knowledge” whether supplied by the evidence of physical or spiritual senses.

Enq:   What do you mean?

Theo:   I mean, if it is the difference between the two that you want to know, then I can tell you that between faith on authority and faith on one’s spiritual intuition, there is a very great difference.


Enq:  What is it?

Theo:  One is human credulity and superstition, the other human belief and intuition.

As Professor Alexander Wilder says in his “Introduction to the Euleusinian Mysteries”,  “It is ignorance which leads to profanation. Men ridicule what they do not properly understand….The undercurrent of this world is set towards one goal; and inside of human a power almost infinite, a holy faith capable of apprehending the supremest truths of all existence.”

Those who limit that “credulity” to human authoritative dogmas alone, will never fathom that power nor even perceive it in their natures. It is stuck fast to the external plane and is unable to bring forth into play the essence that rules it; for to do this they have to claim their right of private judgement, and this they never dare to do.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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