tktt: The Difference Between Faith And Knowledge; Or, Blind And Reasoned Faith.

“Enq:  You say that they accept and believe in the doctrines of Theosophy. But, as they do not belong to those Adepts you have just mentioned, then they must accept your teachings on blind faith. In what does this differ from that of conventional religions?

Theo:  As it differs on almost all other points, so it differs on this one. What you call “faith”, and that which is blind faith, in reality, and with regard to the dogmas of the Christian religions, becomes with us “knowledge”, the logical sequence of things we know, about facts in nature.

Your Doctrines are based upon interpretation, therefore, upon the second-hand testimony of Seers; ours upon the invariable and unvarying testimony of Seers.

The ordinary Christian theology, for instance, holds that man is a creature of God, of three component parts – body, soul, and spirit – all essential to his integrity, and all, either in the gross form of physical earthly existence or in the etherealized form of post-resurrection experience, needed to so constitute him for ever, each man having thus a permanent existence separate from other men, and from the Divine.

Theosophy, on the other hand, holds that man, being an emanation from the Unknown, yet ever present and infinite Divine Essence, his body and everything else is impermanent, hence an illusion;

Spirit alone in him being the one enduring substance, and even that losing its separated individuality at the moment of its complete reunion with the Universal Spirit.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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