understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Wherever you see the word “Victory” printed in the outer world, be sure to follow that with “of the Light”.


Of course there is no real Victory of destructive forces, but they think there is; and when you requalify that with Light, then wherever it stands another blaze of Light can go forth; for the Victory of Light is the only Victory there is in all Creation.

All else must someday fail, but the Light lives on for Eternity!

Only the Light contains Intelligence with which to act that can produce Perfection. Only the Light can overcome that which has opposed the Divine Plan and Its Fulfillment through mankind!

Only the Light is Victory!

Therefore, My Momentum of Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries of Victory, means Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries of the gathering Power of Light, so blazing that the human, sinister qualities dare not look into It and live an instant longer.

“I AM” your Victory! I promised you that, and if you will reread many times the closing Discourse in the Ascended Master Light, you will know just how close you are to My Heart! Then you should realize just how close you are to Victory, because your Victory and My Victory are One!

You cannot divide Light!

Therefore, the intensity of the Light which you desire, as you increase It, has much to do with My Cosmic Momentum of Cosmic Victory.

Since “I AM” the Victory, the Cosmic Victory of Light, then you should realize that all which is of the shadows flees at My Approach!

My Legions are the Angels of Victory, and wield Power that none on Earth have ever seen! Mankind have had a slight glimpse occasionally of a Fragment of Their Action, but none have seen My Cosmic Legions of Cosmic Victory in Full Action in the atmosphere of Earth.

That is why I wish you to call into action for the next thirty days, and I ask you to draw by your Conscious Call into the physical octave of Earth, the Full Cosmic Action of My Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Victory.

And may the atmosphere become so charged with Their Light, that the Power of Light blaze and rarefy the atmosphere of Earth to the point where mankind see those flashes of Light and are compelled to their knees – until they know from whence the Mighty Powers of this Universe come, until they know the Power and Authority of that which is Greater than themselves!”

Mighty Victory

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