understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Great Assistance has recently come forth from out the Great Silence to you here and to your Beloved America, and that Assistance I am sure you will greatly appreciate.

In the recent Star which has appeared, there is an intensification of the Outpouring of the Fire Element for the accomplishment of Peace!

Therefore, if you will concentrate on the acknowledgement of My Power of Victory, the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Peace, and all the Cosmic Assistance required to compel It into physical action; then command It to take possession, produce Perfection, and go on with the rest of that Decree – you will give Us an opportunity to draw forth certain Actions of the Cosmic Law which otherwise would not be possible.

We would deeply appreciate your concentration on this Acknowledgement over the next thirty days.

The sinister force is caught in the recoil of its own qualities; and like all conditions of that sort, the nearer they come to their complete annihilation, the more frightful becomes their viciousness, because of their increasing fear.”

Mighty Victory


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