understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Call forth the Cosmic Victory and Authority of Light from the Great Divine Director! Call forth the Victory and Wealth of Light from the Mighty Lord Maha Chohan and the Mighty Virgo, and I would call It also from the Great Beings who direct the Forces of the Elements.

Call forth the Victory and Power of Light from the Goddess of Light and the Queen of Light!

Call forth the Cosmic Victory and Healing by Light from the Beloved Nada, the Beloved Mary, the Beloved Meta, Beloved Quan Yin, and Beloved Diana!

Call forth the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, and then whatever other Qualities you desire in all your “I AM” Decrees for the next thirty days;

and let us see how much Pressure and Momentum that will release into the physical structure of Earth, as a barrier against threatening riots and revolutions!

The sinister force has made the threat that if they do not go into office, then they will have a revolution in America!

Well, there are people in the Universe beside themselves, and We happen to be Some of those others!

That is the reason for the next thirty days We want the Acknowledgement of your Victory, your Light, your Freedom, and the Authority of the American people in command of the physical octave!”

Mighty Victory

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