tktt: What is Karma?

“Enq:  But I see nothing of moral character about this law. It looks to me like the simple physical law that action and reaction are equal and opposite.

Theo:  I am not surprised to hear you say that. Europeans have got so much into the ingrained habit of considering right and wrong, good and evil, as matters of an arbitrary code of law laid down either by men, or imposed upon them by a Personal God.

We Theosophists, however, say that “Good” and “Harmony”, and “Evil” and “Disharmony”, are synonymous. Further we maintain that all pain and suffering are results of want of Harmony, and that the one terrible and only cause of the disturbance of Harmony is selfishness in some form or another.

Hence Karma gives back to every man the actual consequences of his own actions, without any regard to their moral character; but since he receives his due for all, it is obvious that he will be made to atone for all sufferings which he has caused, just as he will reap in joy and gladness the fruits of all the happiness and harmony he had helped to produce.

I can do better than quote for your benefit certain passages from books and articles written by our Theosophists – those who have a correct idea of Karma.

Enq:  I wish you would, as your literature seems to be very sparing on this subject?

Theo:  Because it is the most difficult of all our tenets.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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