understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why, when your “I AM” Decrees began to go forth and gained a momentum, the spies by the dozens were revealed and brought to the attention of the people of America. They were not before, yet they had been there all these years.

That is how and why in your activity, whether it be individual or in the Nation, the quality which you assert through Self-control, Harmony, and Constructive Activities in the Calls to the Powers of Light and the Energy from your “Mighty I AM Presence”, will as surely bring that Perfection into you and your world, as you call for It, Dear Ones.

These are Laws of Life, free from any human opinions whatsoever.

Since all of the outer world has dealt with human opinions through the centuries, to a great many people at first, it seems almost inconceivable that today the Great Laws of Life could be stated to mankind unadulterated by any opinion – not only by human opinions, but Divine Opinions.

It is one of the greatest things in the Universe, My Dear People!”

Mighty Victory

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