understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Messenger was covering tremendous grounds with you this evening here, in calling your attention to these qualities of action.

That is why it is useless to keep calling – and I should really use the words “almost fatal” – to keep calling for Greater Energy, Light, and Power if you will not use self-control to govern your feelings, because whatever discordant feeling is within you, will be intensified a thousandfold, according to the intensity of your nature.

These are vital things, Dear Ones.

Again let Me repeat with all the Kindness and Love of My Heart, that you are not dealing in these Instructions with human opinions, with anybody’s opinion, not even Ours!

You are dealing with the Laws of Life – definitely and clearly about you!

That is why, Dear Ones, don’t feel unkindly to the Messengers when with so great a Love and such dynamic Power, they assert these Truths to you, to break through the human element and qualifications which may be there.

They do it so you may have the Blessing. Don’t blame these kindly, precious people.
We are the Ones who are giving this “I AM” Knowledge, this Great Wisdom; and everyone should be interested in It, since It is the Law of everyone’s Life!

It is the same Law by which We attained Our Freedom; and really you have been told so many times that this Law of the “Mighty I AM” is the identical, the same Law and Application which all Ascended Beings who exist, had to use to free Themselves.”

Mighty Victory

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