understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, My Dear Ones, in your humble walks of Life, whatever they may be, is it possible that you would still think in your humble capacity, you could do so little?

No matter how humble your position, you can make the Call to the Presence of life, quite as well as anyone else; and your Higher Mental Body and your “Mighty I AM Presence” are just as Perfect and Powerful as anyone else’s.

Oh, for the day that humanity as individuals realize that! Won’t you be seated.

It is so tremendous, and I have noticed at some points individuals felt as though they were not doing all they should, when they feel limitations, either financial or otherwise. Please don’t feel that!

Go right on with your Mighty “I AM” Decrees and your Calls, and one day your every Heart’s desire must be fulfilled! Life wants it to be! You want it to be! And in your attitude for the Perfection of Life, is there anything which stands between you and that Perfection?

Now notice this carefully. When your attention is held upon your “I AM Presence” – and of course, if it is wholly constructive attention, then there is not a thing stands between this form and the Perfection which that “Presence” is, during the moment your attention is fixed there, when not interrupted by human desire.

Don’t think you can give your attention to the “Presence” with great intensity for five minutes and then the next hour have flooding through your feelings all kinds of human desires, and receive the Fulfillment of your Calls – because you would annul the action to a large degree.

You would start your human power of human qualification into action again, clothing the Greater Stream of Life you are calling forth into action, with human qualities.”

Mighty Victory

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