understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Had you forgotten, Beloved Ones, that more than a year ago, I had expected to return to My Home?  Then, because of certain Achievements in your outer world of activity by your Beloved Saint Germain, I saw the means by which I might assist; and I determined to stray another certain length of time. Now, I have decided to remain still longer. (applause – audience rising)

Beloved Ones, while you are standing, may I make this Statement?

Providing the “I AM” Student Body as It exists today in their sincerity, will continue with these Mighty “I AM” Decrees as they have, from that which We are able to observe under outer conditions thus far, there is not the slightest question that by another year you would have gained such Victory and Momentum of the Light that almost all danger of war in your America would have perished. (applause)

You will remember One said to you recently, that more than fifty-one percents had been gained in the balance on the side of the Light. Well, that has gained considerably since!


However, it means also you must sustain that Momentum already gained.

Who do you think rendered this Almighty Service to you tonight, just before and when the Messenger was calling your attention to the Action of the Violet Consuming Flame? The Great Goddess of Light! (applause)

Now I am going to tell you something. I of course did not ask Her Permission, because I thought She might object, but it is this:  You remember since the Glorious “Call to Light” went forth and so many people over America have been so blessed by singing and hearing it, you would think that We always held a somewhat definite, certain Radiance, would you not?

Since We are Perfect Beings, you would naturally suppose that – because We are Perfection, you know.

Let Me tell you something:  the Great Divine Love which has been poured forth to the Goddess of Light – since Her Great Achievement and Our mention of it, I believe in Chicago, Her Radiance is intensified extremely!

I say this for a definite reason tonight, because We have heard among the Student Body many times, “Well, what could we do for a Being who is wholly Perfect?” Haven’t you thought, haven’t you wondered sometimes, “Well, what could we mortals do for a Great Perfect Being?

Just that! Your great love and gratitude pouring forth to Us for an Achievement for your Blessing, must bring a result. It cannot be prevented.

Therefore, It is an Intensification of the Natural Light which the Student Body express.

This is the first time this Statement has ever been made to humanity, but I want you tonight to realize all It means!”

Mighty Victory

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