understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You who are here – and even, I say, to you who are here for the first time – if you decree it, if you so determine it, you could hold this Radiation which is here for all time. You cannot do it if you doubt! If you question My Reality, you cannot have My Substance, because I won’t let you have It. You know It is Mine!

You gentlemen out here in the World get a bunch of money in your hands and you say: “This is mine and you cannot have any. I will use this as I want to”, and you do; but what it brings back to you sometimes!

May I offer a beautiful suggestion, Ladies and Gentlemen? In all the money which you use in the future, would you ask the Wisdom of your Life to direct its use? That would be very, very great Wisdom, Ladies and Gentlemen! Do you think you would like to do that?

Oh yes, some of you would, but I question whether all of you would quite depend upon the Wisdom of your Life Stream to direct that activity. It might choose to do something you would not want to do. Then what would happen?

Now that has been the condition of the past; but after tonight, you will have to do what the Wisdom of your Life wants you to do, I assure you!

Do you think that is coercion? Oh no, but it is just making you acquainted with your Life, giving your Life the Authority. Isn’t that quite right?

Isn’t that Divine Order and Justice to give your Life the Authority in and through and over those bodies?

I will guarantee you this about those bodies, every one here: there are a lot of things they have done in the past, which they won’t want to do in the future. Watch it and see if I am truthful!

You know sometimes We just must help mankind, whether they want It or not. We just must do It. Then after a while, when you discover It, you will be quite grateful for It.”

Mighty Victory

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