tktt: The Doctrine is Taught in St. John’s Gospel

“Enq:  But does not the author of “Isis Unveiled” stand accused of having preached against reincarnation?

Theo:  By those who have misunderstood what we said, yes. At the time that work was written, reincarnation was not believed in by any Spiritualists, either English or American, and what is said there on reincarnation was directed against the French Spiritists, whose theory is as unphilosophical and absurd as the Eastern teaching is logical and self-evident in its truth.

The Reincarnationists of the Allan Kardec School believe in an arbitrary and immediate reincarnation. With them, the dead father can incarnate in his own unborn daughter, and so on. They have neither Devachan, Karma, nor any philosophy that would warrant or prove the necessity of consecutive rebirths.

But how can the author of “Isis” argue against Karmic reincarnation, at long intervals varying between 1,000 and 1,500 years, when it is the fundamental belief of both Buddhists and Hindus?

Enq: Then you reject the theories of both the Spiritists and the Spiritualists, in their entirety?

Theo:  Not in their entirety, but only with regard to their respective fundamental beliefs. Both rely on what their “Spirits” tell them; and both disagree as much with each other as we Theosophists disagree with both.

Truth is one; and when we hear the French spooks preaching reincarnation, and the English spooks denying and denouncing the doctrine, we say that either the French or the English “Spirits” do not know what they are talking about.

We believe with the Spiritualists and the Spiritists in the existence of “Spirits”, or invisible Beings endowed with more or less intelligence.

But, while in our teachings their kinds and genera are legion, our opponents admit of no other than human disembodied “Spirits”, which, to our knowledge, are mostly Kamalokic SHELLS.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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