understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, My Dear People, Life has given you ages, has given you century upon century in which to make up your minds; but now you are coming down to the point where you are going to have to make up your minds, whether you will serve the Light or the shadows!

Make a note of it, if you like, and the date I speak these Words tonight, if you want to verify it. We do not tell you anything which will not be verified, and remember that!

You will find We, who are wholly Free Beings, know exactly what We say. We know the Truth of every Word; and therefore, My Dear People, don’t pile upon yourselves more destructive forces by denying that I am giving this Dictation.

Do not deny that I am the Being I say I am, and do not say it is the Messenger making up these Words! Mankind is going to stop that kind of thing.

We are exactly what We say We Are, and the Messenger is but voicing My Words to you; and if you think We cannot fulfill what We bring to your attention, then you are greatly mistaken.

I came here to bless your Earth, and I shall do it!

Sanat Kumara, who four and a half million years ago came from Venus, is the Guardian of your people and their Saviour!

Why do you suppose all this is coming about? By His Decree! How do you suppose your Beloved Saint Germain was raised up, given the Ascension, and made the Lord of the Seventh Ray?

By your Beloved Sanat Kumara – the Authority for this entire Earth; and Everyone to whose attention you have been drawn, is under His Great Authority.

I am the Leader of the second Group which has come from Venus to assist the Earth.

I charge you, don’t one of you go forth from this room and say that is not True! If you do, I will follow you up and prove It to you! I mean that! This doubt, unbelief, and falsehood of mankind, I tell you, shall cease!

Beloved Ones, remember – It is the only way mankind can have their Freedom.

Mankind have got to be honest with each other, honest with Life – and stop their everlasting doubt, criticism, and condemnation of that which they do not understand!

We are really the Guardians of mankind; so I warn you from this day henceforth, do not let anybody go forth and say that I am not what I say I am!

This is going down in mankind! It has got to do it, for them to be spared!”

Mighty Victory

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