understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Intellectual Wisdom is of short duration, but the Wisdom of Life is Eternal. The Wisdom of Life is the Savior of mankind, and every man has got to be his own Savior, by calling to the “I AM” Presence of Life and undoing all the mistakes he has made!

To have them dissolved and consumed is the only way he can be saved from his own creation.

You have heard the old statement so long used: “Oh, save my soul” – which is your emotional body, your feeling world which has created all the discord that has ever beset you as an individual; and the word “soul” is not synonymous with God, as many have so interpreted it!

Soul is the discordant creation of man! God is the “I AM” – your Mighty Presence of Life.

How do you suppose, Ladies and Gentlemen, that in Egypt and those ancient places, such distortion came about in the gods which were created?

Because some of their priests had once seen this “I AM” Presence of Life – God Individualized; then, because of their lack of obedience, had lost the Vision of It. They returned into their own human creation, and when they were no longer able to find that “I AM Presence” or see It, they turned and created their own gods to deceive mankind – which they did!

That was the downfall of Egypt and everyone else who attempts it. So I say to you, Beloved Ones, never pretend to be what you are not!

You have observed, My Beloved Students, the conditions which have been among you, where individuals swearing loyalty to this Light and to the Messengers, so quickly turned aside and hated them.

Never swear your loyalty to the Light and the Messengers until you are sure of yourself – because if you do, one day you have got to fulfill it and you may have to fulfill under the most tragic circumstances!

When you swear something to Life, remember you will fulfill it!

Therefore, in this day, the great Dissolving Process is taking place in the world of mankind, in all conditions whatsoever that exist.

Remember, when you have a building in your city which has become out of date, in fulfilling and supplying the requirements for something better, you tear it down and rebuild it.

The process of rebuilding the Perfection of Life through the human could be painless, if people would so have it; but if they will not have it, then it might become very painful.”

Mighty Victory

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