understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In this Great Achievement in this Class – I venture to mention just a few things. Please keep your seats and do not applaud; for We want to keep the energy of the room perfectly quiet, so you may have the Greatest Service possible.

One million more people’s attention has been called to this Great Light through the Class Broadcasts, through the Transcriptions!  I want to tell you one thing, which I am sure will be highly inspiring to everyone.

At a certain place, an individual came to the Class of the Messengers and was tremendously uplifted. Returning home, that one stood the “I AM” Study Groups on their feet and for three nights decreed for supply for a contract of a year’s Transcriptions.

After the third night of their Decrees, a gentleman came to this leader and said:  “I have a friend who has been listening to these Broadcasts of Mrs. Ballard’s. He wishes to hear two more a week and here is a thousand dollars to start it.”

That is what will sweep this America.

Beloved Ones, the people are listening and are hearing this Great Truth. You will find, if you will stand your Groups on their feet – if you wish to expand the Transcription Work or whatever else you wish to do – and give your Decrees for It, the Powers of the “Presence” will provide!  Know this and be certain!

Do you think, when you realize all the money that is wasted upon your Earth, your Call to Life will not set into action the Power and Authority of Life to render this Service as the Savior of mankind?

Do you not see, My Dear Ones, you who are looking to the Light are drawing forth the Power of the Light; and It is a million times greater than all human creation put together?

Then do you think anyone, when the “I AM Presence” of the individual says, “Place your money here”, has any authority to withhold it?

Everyone in America will one day want to bless his or her fellowman by expanding this Light, and do not forget it, My Dear People!

Do not be impatient, Beloved “I AM” Students of the Light. You are gaining a Momentum and Power, and one day you will be so greatly surprised when you see begin to move into action the answers to your Calls, with Speed and Power which would today seem incredible to you.”

Mighty Victory

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