tktt: The Mystery of The Ego

“Enq:  What do you mean by the root dwelling in eternity?

Theo:  I mean by this root the thinking entity, the Ego which incarnates, whether we regard it as an “Angel”, “Spirit”, or a Force. Of that which falls under our sensuous perceptions only what grows directly from, or is attached to this invisible root above, can partake of its immortal life.

Hence every noble thought, idea and aspiration of the personality it informs, proceeding from and fed by this root, must become permanent.

As to the physical consciousness, as it is a quality of the sentient but lower “principle”, (Kama-rupa or animal instinct, illuminated by the lower manasic reflection), or the human Soul – it must disappear.

That which display activity, while the body is asleep or paralyzed, is the higher consciousness, our memory registering but feebly and inaccurately – because automatically – such experiences, and often failing to be even slightly impressed by them.

Enq:  But how is it that MANAS, although you call it Nous, a “God”, is so weak during its incarnations, as to be actually conquered and fettered by its body?

Theo:  I might retort with the same question and ask: “How is it that he, whom you regard as ‘the God of Gods’ and the One living God, is so weak as to allow evil (or the Devil) to have the best of him as much as of all his creatures, whether while he remains in Heaven, or during the time he was incarnated on this earth?”

You are sure to reply again: “This is a Mystery; and we are forbidden to pry into the mysteries of God.”

Not being forbidden to do so by our religious philosophy, I answer your question that, unless a God descends as an Avatar, no divine principle can be otherwise than cramped and paralyzed by turbulent, animal matter.

Heterogeneity will always have the upper hand over homogeneity, on this plane of illusions, and the nearer an essence is to its root-principle, Primordial Homogeneity, the more difficult it is for the latter to assert itself on earth.

Spiritual and divine powers lie dormant in every human Being; and the wider the sweep of his spiritual vision the mightier will be the God within him.

But as few men can feel that God, and since, as an average rule, deity is always bound and limited in our thought by earlier conceptions, those ideas that are inculcated in us from childhood, therefore, it is so difficult for you to understand our philosophy.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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