understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Something else is brought to My Attention. Do you quite realize you sometimes should make a Call for a specific quality? As you generally call, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, release your Mighty Currents of Energy”, that is a marvelous general activity;

but suppose there has been disturbance in your body, distress or something of that kind occurring to your outer activities, you would naturally need to qualify your Call with a Mighty Healing Current – because you have been taught to believe that whatever relieves pain is Healing Power!

Do you quite understand what I mean? By using the Power of Qualification, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge me with Your Perfect Health!” it means you replace all disturbing conditions in the body with the Power and Energy of the “I AM Presence”, which is wholly sustained Perfect Health. This is a magnificent thing!

Then, as you use that daily, you will absolutely prevent, through suggestion or contact in the feeling world, any condition beginning to act in your world in the future which could cause disturbance. Won’t you be seated.

That is why, Beloved Ones, as you stand guard over the simple activities, they become majestically all-powerful in their action.

That is why these things are built and built in your world. It is why I have given you these Statements tonight, because you have built your momentum to this point where these constant dynamic Calls will release more than hours and hours of Application did, even a year ago.

You will find, you will soon come into an activity where you just make a few dynamic Calls – I mean so far as your individual activity is concerned – then you go on about your business.

You come back to your Application again and make a few more dynamic Decrees, and you will be amazed at the astonishing results which will come!”

Mighty Victory

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