understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, Beloved Ones, belief with many people is a tremendous power! If you believe a thing, you make it act whether it is true or not. This has much to do with projection to you by individuals; and Heaven knows plenty of it has been done in the past six month – I mean really.

But still that same thing has no power to reach or touch you, if you do not believe it or accept it.

Now there is more than a belief or acceptance in the Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. It is the Command of Life that the disturbing thing cease; then you have transcended belief entirely!

Belief is the open door to the things you do not want. Therefore, govern and control those qualities of action, so they produce Perfection for you!

Don’t mind if you yawn, because you have had great relaxation. I do not mind it! Oh, not so far hence, when you have reached Home and We discuss this meeting – for instance, tonight – and you see all that actually took place, you will rejoice greatly.

It is a great Delight, Beloved Ones, oh, so very wonderful, in Our earnest Endeavor to be instrumental in rendering you an Assistance of this kind, and from time to time giving Our Assistance which We know is a permanent thing in your Life! It is just beautiful, that is certain.

In the Full Power of your acceptance tonight, it will make Our Assistance a Mighty Action!

You know I might add a codicil to Lotus’ statement, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, make me Perfect!” – “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, make me Victorious!” (applause – audience rising)

My Dear Ones, please realize how sometimes those short dynamic “I AM” Statements produce such magnificent results!

Now remember, through all of Us which have charged a Quality of Ourselves into your feeling world, that moment you became a Part of Us.  Do you see?

Now since My Outpouring is My Power and Quality, One of the Activities of My being Victory, It also makes you My Victory!  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, make me Victorious!” – do you know what it does when you really say that with feeling?

It’s just like you opened the Door to Me, and said, “Victory, pour in some more!” (applause) and I say to you, “Delighted, here It is!” (applause)

How literally true that is!”

Mighty Victory

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