understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you harmonize your feeling world more and more, and cleanse and purify it, will you see the outpicturing with the speed and Power of Blue Lightning, to bring about the fulfillment of these desires for the Perfection of Life.

What do you think it is that makes those firm, unyielding desires in yourselves and in the great Body of “I AM” Students? The Power and Activity of Life, pouring forth Its Perfection, Its Strength and Power!

So hold your attention long enough on your “Mighty I AM Presence” for the Dominion of Life to command and complete Its Perfect Action in your outer world of manifestation.

Today, it is going forth with a speed and power of which, could you see It as We do, it would give you Infinite Courage and Strength. It would make you instantly and forever courageous toward the Power of the Light, and enable you to stand against the human appearance world and the conditions which exist through that appearance world in and around mankind today.

Therefore, I say to you, be of Supreme Courage! You are Children of the Light; and so many hundreds of the “I AM” Students in their Service to the Light, are now nearing the point where the Power of the Light is beginning to serve them.

Then, as the Messengers have experienced, will you too find so much greater Ease, Peace, and Assurance in your Application, which will make you quite Invincible in your own power of Application.

Therefore, I say to you tonight: Go forward, Beloved Children of the Light, in the Victory and the Power of the Light which is yours from this hour henceforth!

Let no human suggestion ever deprive you of that Almighty Acceptance in your individual world. Do not discuss it with other human beings; but stand in the Glory of the Happiness, Courage, and Full Power of Our Conviction which has been brought to you tonight.

Silently call forth the Unyielding Power of Light to take Its Dominion in your Life, body, and action; produce Its Perfection; hold Dominion there, and release from your Treasure House the Limitless Supply of money and all else required – anything you require in the Service of the Light!

Remember, Beloved Ones, the Presence of Life does not limit you! If you require ten million dollars, then the Power of Light is able to supply it – and will supply it at your Call, if you stand firm and unyielding in it.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, go forth in Our Conviction. Hold it steady and unyielding, until there is not one single suggestion from your own human self or anyone else’s, which can enter your world and find the slightest disturbance there.”

Mighty Victory

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