understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, follow Me again. Will you understand, Beloved Ones, why Our Presence is needed by mankind – why Our Service is needed by mankind?

Do you not see that, had it not been for the Call, had it not been for Our Effort, had it not been for the Calls for certain Dispensations which We are not yet permitted to reveal to you – how do you think this could have been done?

How long do you think the Earth would have remained in the clutches of this accumulation of mankind, which has accumulated for thousands of centuries?

Look at what mankind accumulates in one embodiment, and think then of the number of embodiments which take place even half a million years.

Oh, Beloved Ones, I smile today when mankind begins to compute the years of one embodiment, when you are thousands of years old; and yet regardless of those years, when you are born into a new embodiment, you are beautiful – and did you but know it, you could return to the beauty of childhood at your command, just as easy as that.

Oh, My Dear Ones, what a pity in all that has been said, that the feeling world has not permitted you to grasp it.

Within your hand is the Scepter of Power to mold your bodies at will, into whatever you would have them be; but because of the long accumulated suggestion of mankind, people allow a little pain or disturbance of human creation to be their master.

Isn’t it a shame? Isn’t it ridiculous? Be not discouraged!

Remember the old human saying, that “if you don’t at first succeed, try, try again.” How important that is, really, because no one can be deprived of that Freedom, Beloved Ones.

Don’t let anything in the world ever discourage you in that.

While you have only been, let us say three short years so far applying this Law, in all that has been accomplished in yourselves – especially in your bodies – yet what if it took you ten years? What if it took you forty years – what is that in comparison to the thousands and hundreds of thousands of embodiments in which you have lived?”

Mighty Victory

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