understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Beloved Ones, you might have seemed to have a struggle thus far in your Application and in governing conditions in your individual worlds; but remember, during this process, let us say the past three years, the achievement is very great.

The first year was preparatory work largely, and the Application has since followed. In the past three years, the achievement, Dear People of Earth, is beyond anything ever witnessed on this Earth.

We alone are Authority for that! You don’t see it, but We do! We know exactly the record of every “I AM” Student in America. We have it, and We have it before Us!

Therefore, why do you suppose I am here tonight in this almost fierce, positive attitude? Because I am going to shatter everything that remains of your human in your feeling world.


It shall no longer act to interfere with the Outpouring of the Light of your Life, your “Presence”, through your physical body at your Call, to produce Its Perfection and results for you!

Will you accept that in your feeling with Me?

Therefore, you have been told that the preparatory work is finished, and that We are entering into Definite Action.

Believe Me, you are going to see it. You are going to know that We do tell the Truth.”

Mighty Victory

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