understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I do so deeply appreciate your love and kindness in this audience tonight, that has made it possible for Me to render this Service which you cannot quite even imagine tonight!

I ask every one of you in the days to come, to watch your feeling and watch your conditions, and see if you will not come back to Me within six months and tell Me of My Victory acting in you. (applause)

Mighty Powers of Light! Enfold these beloved people of Earth, these beloved Students of the Light, and clothe them this hour in your Crystal Armor, and hold It about them until their Ascension!

Clothe them tonight in the Glory of Thy Presence, Thy Mighty Radiance which this Crystal Armor holds within the compass of action within the human octave; and let It do Its Perfect Work for the people of America – for your beloved America – that each may render the maximum service in the Call to Life for themselves and which America needs today!

Remember this Cup of Light which America is, and how much depends upon that Cup being filled to overflowing with Light, so It can spread to the rest of the World.

Remember, Children of the Light, you have a Mighty Service to render! As more of your beloved Americans and those of other nations are drawn into this Great Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, then will all become easier and easier for you in your Service to the Light.

Then there will come One Great Family of Harmonious, Happy Action, which will release the Powers of Light!

Then each one will call for the Blessing of the others, instead of feeling unkind one to the other!

So tonight carry with you, My Beloved Ones, My Victory! Wear My Garment of Crystal Armor so you may walk in the World, but not be of it. Then you will be untouched by its human discord!

Then in that Harmony of Life, you may call forth the Perfection of the Life with such Speed and Power, that no one will question the Presence and Power of Life in Its Victory over human conditions!

I thank you.”

Mighty Victory

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