understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is why tonight, I am trying in this Magnificent Radiance to have you draw a little more into that which you have called “transcendent”; to make you feel the Reality of all that you have conceived as transcendent, because I say that all is Life in Its Perfectly Naturally, Practical Action from the Earth to the Great Spheres of Light!

On the other Planets, the greater Perfection which is there is all Perfectly Natural. Yet it would be so astonishing, were you to suddenly step onto Venus, where so much greater Perfection reigns. We have all the practical things, for remember that is My Home!

I am a long way from home tonight; but remember, I came that long way several years ago – and when I saw these two Messengers at the Royal Teton for the first time, I said then, “I shall remain here (applause) and give them the Assistance which Life requires.”

I say to you, Beloved Friends, I do not wonder that you love these Beloved Messengers as you do. You never had anyone in all the centuries in which you have lived, and the hundreds and thousands of various embodiments which you have lived – you never had such friends in any embodiment, who are willing to battle for you and hold the Balance of Life, until you in your Call to Life could sustain It. (applause)

That is why, Beloved Ones, We rejoice so greatly in your response to Life. Please understand, you could not be here – it would be impossible – if the Light within your Hearts had not drawn you here.

Even though you might not accept what you hear, still there is only One Source of Action, and that is Light within your own Hearts. I want you to see that if you will! No human being ever acts, ever walks across the floor, without the Light within his or her own Heart in action.

Oh, it is so very glorious to understand once again, after the long forgotten period when the Light ruled before, that mankind is the Action of Life; and once you begin to give response back to Life – oh, what Life will do for you!

Beloved Ones, adore Life! Give your attention to your Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, as never before in Great Calm Mastery and Adoration, so the Fullness of all that It wants to give you, will flow forth like a mighty river.

It is ready to do it, to bring the Harmonization, the Expansion of this Light.”

Mighty Victory

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