understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Please understand, Beloved Mankind, that in the Incoming Perfection, no person can be deprived of anything unless that one gains something greater in its place. (applause)

Because of the limited consciousness of mankind, tremendous wealth has been invested in cumbersome machinery, but that machinery has been required to produce results thus far.

But if a machine costing one hundred thousand dollars could be replaced and do more perfect work, greater work for a thousand dollars, would it not improve and bless mankind extremely? There was a great reason for individuals’ accumulation of wealth. That time is past or largely passing.

Therefore, the even distribution will begin to take place through very natural means; and those who have thought to corner the wealth of the World, will just be mistaken in their judgement and plans.

Why do you suppose the great vast flood of Gold came to your America? Because it belongs here! (applause)

Because the Radiation from Pure Gold is one of the most tremendous things in the outer activity of mankind, and Gold held within and for a selfish purpose will one day release itself! (applause)

You do not know it, but Gold is intelligent! It is the one substance which cannot be changed. You can put It into a solution! You can vaporize It! Yet when you return It to Its solid state, It is the same! (applause)

It is the Power of the Great Central Sun placed within the Earth to hold Balance in connection with the Great Central Sun, for the Blessing of mankind. It is a condensed Sun Ray from the Great Central Sun. That is why It cannot be changed.

Oh, that mankind one day awaken and understand these Simple, Majestic Truths concerning Life, concerning Nature, concerning themselves! (applause)”

Mighty Victory

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