tktt: The Physical and the Spiritual Man

“Enq:  It is stated in Isis Unveiled that such planetary Spirits or Angels, “the gods of the Pagans or the Archangels of the Christians”, will never be men on our planet.

Theo:  Quite right. Not “such”, but some classes of higher Planetary Spirits. They will never be men on this planet, because they are liberated Spirits from a previous, earlier world, and as such they cannot re-become men on this one.

Yet all these will live again in the next and far higher Mahamanvantara, after this “great Age”, and “Brahma pralaya”, (a little period of 16 figures or so) is over. For you must have heard, of course, that Eastern philosophy teaches us that mankind consists of such “Spirits” imprisoned in human bodies?

The difference between animals and men is this: the former are ensouled by the “principles” potentially, the latter actually. Do you understand now the difference?

Enq:  Yes; but the specialization has been in all ages the stumbling-block of metaphysicians.

Theo:  It was. The whole esoterocism of the Buddhistic philosophy is based on this mysterious teaching, understood by so few persons, and so totally misrepresented by many of the most learned modern scholars. Even metaphysicians are too inclined to confound the effect with the cause.

An Ego who has won his immortal life as spirit will remain the same inner self throughout all his rebirths on earth; but this does not imply necessarily that he must either remain the Mr. Smith or Mr. Brown he was on earth, or lose his individuality.

Therefore, the astral soul and the terrestrial body of man may, in the dark hereafter, be absorbed into the cosmical ocean of sublimated elements, and cease to feel his last personal Ego (if it did not deserve to soar higher), and the divine Ego still remain the same unchanged entity, though his terrestrial experience of his emanation may be totally obliterated at the instant of separation from the unworthy vehicle.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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