understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When I sometimes move among the Students and mankind, when I hear people in discussion, see their thoughts and feelings, and they think: “How could there be an Ascended Master who is tangible when we have believed all there was, was right out here – what we could see in the physical world?”

If that were true, Beloved Friends, it would be a travesty on Life. One short span of Life for mankind to reach Perfection would be the most childish, foolish thing that ever was in their minds!

You live again, again, and again, hundreds and thousands of embodiments, similar to these. Once you begin to understand that, then you will begin to understand more of the Reality of Life.

I ask you to kindly observe this Chart as I am speaking to you; and never again as your future depends on it, let your attention go anywhere but to that “I AM Presence” of Life for everything you require!

 saint germain God presence chart  The Wisdom of that “Presence” will take care of personalities in the human octave, but what you want to do is to call to that “I AM Presence” and look nowhere else for it.

Then you will come to know Its Mighty Answer so quickly.

The Life which beats your Heart is the Most Powerful Thing in the Universe. You who want health, My Dear Ones, turn with the intensity of Love and Power to that Mighty Presence of Life, and refuse to accept any other appearance in your bodies or your world.

Stand with the Power of that Infinite Light! Let Its Mighty Currents charge through your bodies like a Mighty River, sweeping out everything but the Perfection of Life which flows in, cleansing and purifying!

If you will use the Violet Consuming Flame, Beloved Ones, call your “Presence” to do it for you, how quickly you will prepare the way. Your Call to the Presence of Life, finding no obstruction there, will fill and charge your bodies, your feeling worlds with Its Great and Mighty Perfection.

Then you will understand what it means to feel My Victory!”

Mighty Victory

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