tktt: The Distinction Between Soul and Spirit

Enq:  Do you really teach, as you are accused of doing by some Spiritualists and French Spiritists, the annihilation of every personality?

Theo:  We do not. But as this question of the duality – the individuality of the Divine Ego, and the personality of the human animal – involves that of the possibility of the real immortal Ego appearing in Seance rooms as a “materialized spirit”, which we deny as already explained, our opponents have started the nonsensical charge.

Enq:  You have just spoken of psuche running towards its entire annihilation if it attaches itself to Anoia. What did Plato, and do you mean by this?

Theo:  The entire annihilation of the personal consciousness, as an exceptional and rare case, I think.

The general and almost invariable rule is the merging of the personal into the individual or immortal consciousness of the Ego, a transformation or a divine transfiguration, and the entire annihilation only of the lower quaternary.

Would you expect the man of flesh, or the temporary personality, his shadow, the “astral”, his animal instincts and even physical life, to survive with the “spiritual Ego” and become sempiternal?

Naturally all this ceases to exists, either at, or soon after corporeal death. It becomes in time entirely disintegrated and disappears from view, being annihilated as a whole.


Enq:  Then you also reject resurrection in the flesh?

Theo:  Most decidedly we do! Why should we, who believe in the archaic esoteric philosophy of the Ancients, accept the unphilosophical speculations of the later Christian theology, borrowed from the Egyptian and Greek exoteric Systems of the Gnostics?”

H. P. Blavatsky

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