understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is what makes your Victory! That is what makes your Freedom, because you cannot have your Freedom through someone else. You can have Great Assistance, but that is only temporary until you gain the Full Victory and Power by your own Application!

When you once feel that, what a Joy, what a Release! No words will ever be found which could convey what that Feeling is within the individual, when each one begins to feel the Full Power and Freedom of his or her own Application and Its Infinite Power of Action!

Tonight, My Love enfolds you always, and We hold your hands in Ours, pouring forth Our Love, Strength, Courage, and Victory until that day when you in smiling Radiance to the “Presence” say: Thank you, ‘Mighty I AM’! At last ‘I AM’ Your Victory, the Glory of Your Mighty Victory of Life, brought into Perfect Manifestation on Earth!”

In the Fullness of all Life holds, I call for Its Mighty Release to come forth now into your worlds, giving you Limitless Supply of money and all else required; giving you the Mastery and Self-control so all discord is forever closed out of your world – that you with your faces to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Power of all Life, go forth the Dauntless Ambassadors of Light!

I thank you.”

Mighty Victory

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