understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because the world of human opinions has said when you have forty years or more over your head, you must become an old individual – is not that the sheerest nonsense?

Mankind have accepted it and of course in their accepting, it acts in its Outpicturing; but it does not have to exist.

Really, any one of you can start in tonight and, inside of three months, show the most Magnificent Outpicturing of Youth in your bodies. You would scarcely believe it! Only as you see the proof at your Calls, will you know what strength and courage it would give.

I think I shall tell you a little joke on the Staff. You know they are such busy people, they have not noticed the great change which has been taking place! (applause) They are getting handsomer and younger each day! (applause) I commend them!

You know, when individuals think they have been very busy, they should come into the Staff! They admit they never knew what it was to be busy before, but what a Blessing it is!

Let Me say to you, Beloved Ones, mankind is awakening with Tremendous Power and Speed. (applause)

I thank all, and the blessed one who is in the audience who has been instrumental in so much of the broadcasting going forth! I thank her with all My Heart (applause – audience rising); for I tell you, Beloved Ones, you have no idea how far-reaching that is!

We have been watching and making a Record of the effects of the Transcriptions and the Broadcasts, aside from the other part of this Activity. Because We are practical, We want to see how much is accomplished by that effort, for the response has been so tremendous.

We have not even told the Messengers how great it has been, but ere long I expect We shall.”

Mighty Victory

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