tktt: On the Septenary Constitution of Our Planet

“Enq:  I understand that you describe our earth as forming part of a chain of earths?

Theo:  We do. But the other six “earths” or globes, are not on the same plane of objectivity as our earth is; therefore we cannot see them.

Enq:  Is that on account of the great distance?

Theo:  Not at all, for we see with our naked eye planets and even stars at immeasurably greater distances; but it is owing to those six globes being outside our physical means of perception, or plane of being.

It is not only that their material density, weight, or fabric are entirely different from those of our earth and the other known planets; but they are (to us) on an entirely different layer of space, so to speak; a layer not to be perceived or felt by our physical senses. And when I say “layer”, please do not allow your fancy to suggest to layers like strata or beds layed one over the other, for this would only lead to another absurd misconception.

What I mean by “layer” is that plane of infinite space which by its nature cannot fall under our ordinary waking perceptions, whether mental or physical; but which exists in nature outside of our normal mentality or consciousness, outside of our three dimensional space, and outside of our division of time.

Each of the seven fundamental planes (or layers) in space – of course as a whole, as the pure space of Locke’s definition, not as our finite space – has its own objectivity and subjectivity, its own space and time, its own consciousness and set of senses.

But all this will be hardly comprehensible to one trained in the modern ways of thought.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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