understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Open Doorway of Freedom for mankind, is here in the Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”; and there is not one thing in this “I AM” Understanding, the experience of the Messengers, or anything which is wrong in these magnificent Books!

There is not a thing which any person on the face of this Earth could not accept, or which would interfere with anyone else’s religious ideas, if individuals would look upon It as Life, which It is.

It is the fanaticism of mankind who look to channels for Freedom – instead they should be using the Light of the “I AM”!

Otherwise they are making a grave mistake!

Could you see, could you believe, how many, many activities start with a firm, magnificent intent to bless mankind, and then have been used for destructive purposes, you would be amazed!

Many have been seized upon, distorted, and turned into cunning destruction; and when recently some of those activities were revealed, the people were amazed.

When the Messenger told the people the first time he made the trip around America, that these experiences were True, and that these Great Beings knew everything which was going on among mankind, the people did not believe it!

There were only a few who accepted the Truth; but when these things were revealed, their nefarious activities stopped, and then it was openly spoken of so the whole World might know it, those individuals saw!

They not only saw, but experienced the physical activities of some of those things; then they had to believe!

They will believe more and more what the Great Beings of Light will do for the people of Earth who are sincere.”

Mighty Victory

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