understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, My Dear People, in your cities, in all large cities of America, there are spies today who would cut your throat as quick as to look at you; but since this statement was made in Boston through the Messengers of what has been going on, that thing has spread all over the Earth.


Those individuals, as soon as they have lost their dominion, are filled with the most frightful fear.

You take those people who want to destroy millions of people, and bring them up to face death, and you will see the pallor of fear blanch every cell of their bodies!  All of those agitators are filled with fear, and they run their bluff of dominion over people who fear them!

Therefore, Beloved Ones, understand that your Power, your Call to the “I AM” Light is stronger than a regiment of individuals who want to do wrong!

Will you please bear that in mind?

Your individual Calls to the Powers of Light release a Power which is greater than a regiment of humanity intent upon destruction.

I want you to feel that and and know why your Decrees have been so magnificent and so imperative at this time.”

Mighty Victory

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