tktt: The Abstract and the Concrete

“Enq:  But is such truth unreachable outside of the society? Does not every Church claim the same?

Theo:  Not at all. The undeniable existence of great initiates – true “Sons of God” – shows that such wisdom was often reached by isolated individuals, never, however, without the guidance of a master at first.

But most of the followers of such, when they became masters in their turn, have dwarfed the Catholicism of these teachings into the narrow groove of their own sectarian dogmas.

The commandments of a chosen master alone were then adopted and followed, to the exclusion of all others – if followed at all, note well, as in the case of the Sermon on the Mount.

Each religion is thus a bit of the divine truth, made to focus a vast panorama of human fancy which claimed to represent and replace that truth.

Enq:  But Theosophy, you say, is not a religion?

Theo:  Most assuredly it is not, since it is the essence of all religion and of absolute truth, a drop of which only underlies every creed.

To resort once more to metaphor. Theosophy, on earth, is like the white ray of the spectrum, and every religion only one of the seven prismatic colours.

Ignoring all the others, and cursing them as false, every special coloured ray claims not only priority, but to be that white ray itself, and anathematizes even its own tints from light to dark, as heresies.

Yet, as the sun of truth rises higher and higher on the horizon of man’s perception, and each coloured ray gradually fades out until it is finally re-absorbed in its turn, humanity will at last be cursed no longer with artificial polarizations, but will find itself bathing in the pure colourless sunlight of eternal truth.

And this will be Theosophia.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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