understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You do not realize, Beloved Ones, what it means to live in a land and country which has been drenched with human blood!

You cannot realize what that means, and We shan’t attempt to have you; but just remember, your America has had the least of it, of any nation of Earth, and for a long period!

You perhaps do not quite understand that. I cannot take the time tonight to go into the explanation, but for a long period your North America has had comparatively little bloodshed.

The whole world is awakening with a speed and power which delights Us very much; and there will come a fearlessness which, ere long, will not tolerate a dictator on the face of this Earth! (applause)

Ere long, the Great Cosmic Light will replace all that for the people of Earth because the Light will take Its Dominion, and then all the feeling world of mankind will become One in the Harmony and Action of Life.

Try to realize what it means when two, three, four, or perhaps more individuals send millions of people to death, so-called – you know there is no death; but I mean the activity which takes them out of their physical bodies, and cuts short their span which Life had intended for their Light’s expansion!

Do you not see, Beloved Ones, how mankind has been hypnotized by the vicious, devilish fiendishness of those dominating individuals among mankind! How do they do it?

Oh, Dear Ones, all that viciousness is not in the form of such individuals, or in that which they have accumulated – don’t you see?

It cannot be – but it is in the force focused upon them, which makes them all a hypnotic power to carry mankind – millions – into the vortex of their vicious, devilish destruction!

That time must pass, Beloved Ones, with the speed of lightning, until mankind will no longer tolerate such a thing! Why should they?

The Students of the “Mighty I AM Presence” today are becoming a Power on the face of this Earth (applause);

and if everyone, I mean every “I AM” Student in America, realized this night the Power which is within each one’s own Scepter of Dominion in the acknowledgment of their “Presence”, what a Transformation would take place in ninety days!

You are really rendering an Enormous Service in these Mighty “I AM” Decrees, which are constantly going forth in all parts of America – for which We are deeply, deeply grateful;

but as each one arises more and more into the Full Feeling of the Power of their Great Presence of Life, which they can call forth and release into action, then how much more quickly will come a change among all mankind which all wish to see.

That is coming!”

Mighty Victory

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