understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Divine Director, the Goddess of Light, and the Blessed Nada have determined to try an experiment in Europe. Should this prove out, you will see some of the strangest changes you ever witnessed on Earth. That remains to be seen!

In the Assistance you are giving in these Calls for the Protection of mankind, their Blessing, and the Service you are rendering or releasing from the physical octave – a sufficient amount of Substance which is not needed for America, They intend to utilize and use there for this experiment! So you see how far-reaching it is.

You are not the frail beings that you think you are! I wish that some of you might suddenly see the Power of the energy released in some of your “I AM” Decrees.

Let no one in the future have the slightest feeling that you cannot make a Call with the strength and energy necessary to release sufficient energy for whatever your “I AM Presence”, through the Higher Mental Body, wishes to do for you and in your world of action.

Accept this right now and let the Fullness of Its Power of Action go forth! As you do this, you will see sufficient outpicturing to satisfy yourselves and fulfill your fondest hopes!

Therefore, today while this Tremendous Radiance is going forth, and the great depths of your beings are being touched, you will feel that which you have never felt before!

Do you know that there is a Height and a depth to your being? From the depth of your being is being brought forth everything to be disposed of.

While I am holding your attention on these simple Words, great Activity is going on in the most important part of you, so far as the physical world is concerned; and that is your feeling world.”

Mighty Victory

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