understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students and Friends, while These Words are spoken to you by the Messenger, it shall be My Pleasure to release approximately sixty percent of those in the room from the most discordant accumulation, which they have drawn about themselves thru the centuries.

Perhaps you do not understand exactly what I mean; but you have accumulated more or less discord throughout the centuries and it is still about you.

Few of the Students have used the Violet Consuming Flame with sufficient intensity, to allow the Great Presence to have dissolved their human accumulation completely. Tonight, I shall endeavor to finish that for many of you.

Since your sincerity, since your stand for the Light in Denver has been so unusual, then shall your reward come in your own release; and those for whom it accomplished, will feel it without question within a few days.

Therefore, tonight, will you be kind enough to accept the Radiance poured forth to you, about you and in your feeling world, to render This Service? Remember, this is at the Call of your Own Life.

There is but One Power in the Universe to act and It is your own Life! We are a Part of That One Great Life more in advance than you. Having set ourselves Free ages ago, We are in a position to help mankind today, and the need is imperative!  Therefore, during this class, the Greatest Work has gone on of any class of the Messengers.

We congratulate you on your harmonized feeling, on your Love and Out-pouring, which make this possible; for outside of the Direct Attention to the Great Presence of Life, your Harmony is the most important thing. If you but knew it, It is the Key to all things.

In all We have experienced and are observing among mankind today, I marvel Individuals have not seen in the terrific experiences they have passed thru, that it is their inharmony, which is producing all the limitations and discord for them.

The human self has so long attempted to hold its dominion, that it refuses with stubborn resistance, to accept Its Presence of Life, which would set it Free so quickly. So, tonight, according to your acceptance, may you have This Great Blessing enfold you.

Beloved Children of the Light, in the Service which We are rendering to the Earth, it is an Eternally Sustained Activity always! There is no thing, no action which We start, that We do not sustain, until Its Full Achievement.

Therefore, as you have been drawn into this Class Room, by the Light within your own Heart, then you are to a definite degree, filled with Sufficient Light to draw this which will bless you.

It is always your own Light which acts, but as you call, as the Messengers call, and the Full Force of Our Assistance comes into action, all resistance recedes, dissolves and disappears!

Therefore, in the people’s lack of understanding, they have endeavored to govern and bring each other into submission and under each other’s domination; creating all kinds of discord under which they had to live.

When you understand, you have the Great Presence of Light to turn to, then all which has terrified you in the word of human action, dissolves and disappears before the Call to your Great Presence.

You must understand this definitely and fully; and know tonight, that you are Master of your own selves and your and your world, thru your attention to your attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, which brings Its Intelligence and Power into action.”

The Great Divine Director

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