understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The refusal to accept or listen to human gossip is the Open Door to solve your problems. There the Outpouring of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love and Blessing is the Open Door, to the Outpouring from the Presence, which will solve all things.

We rejoice, so many of the students after such a long time and many repetitions of This Instruction, are beginning to understand, the first imperative need in their worlds, is to refuse to listen to or voice destruction; send forth discordant qualities; or even to allow them to act within their feeling.

Then, as you pour out Divine Love and Blessings to all persons, places, conditions and things, the Whole Universe will flood their worlds with money, supply, happiness, health, strength and courage; because they are complying with the great Law of Life!

I thank you for this opportunity, to offer My Humble Assistance in that which has been rendered; and may the Glory of Our Happiness ever intensify and increase within your feeling world and consciousness!

Remember – to you and all the students, has been offered the Use of the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness and Substance; which cannot be requalified by human qualification. Call It into action in your world! Charge your body with It and let Its Perfect Work go on, unto your Full Perfection. Then, you attain your Ascension into the Eternal body of Light.

Oh, Beloved Ones, how wonderful it is that mankind can have the Opportunity to come home and live within the Happiness, the Glory and the Perfection which Life has always held for all Individuals; but which mankind had forgotten.

The Love and Blessings of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light and the Cosmic Beings, flood your Beings and worlds and enfold you in Their Eternal Perfection.

We Love and Bless you!”

The Great Divine Director

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