understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, Dear Ones, I am prompting you for a Great Definite Reason. In the children’s experiences in India, when Rex discovered a spy in the midst of the Brotherhood – notice the reason!

The atmosphere of the Brotherhood had been charged by the spy, so they might not feel, see or detect his presence! Rex coming in from an outside atmosphere, wholly Free from it, was enabled to detect it! Notice what that means to the world, when you clear your atmosphere of human pressure.

By calling your Presence into action, you will be alert, to detect the conditions which are about to touch your world – which would affect, limit or harm you.

Therefore, as you sense it, you can say to the wrong condition:  “You have no power! Be thou dissolved and consumed by the Power of Light!”  and it is done! Instead of it finding action in your world, it will have disappeared before it reached your world!

That is the Power of Alertness and detection; and it is why We call with all the earnestness of Our Beings, for the students to become more and more alert; in the Acknowledgment of their Presence and all the conditions which touch their worlds; so they may be prompted.

Let Me also correct a thing which has been acting within mankind concerning promptings or the premonition of things. Such a thing is not given as an inevitable occurrence to act in your world but you are being prompted to issue your Mighty Decree, so it may be dissolved and consumed. Then, it cannot act in your world!

Mankind has been accepting premonitions and promptings throughout the centuries; and have believed because Individuals received them, they must act in their worlds.

Because such a prompting was received, you may say: “Be thou dissolved and consumed!” and it would be so! Remember, that as you value your progress!”

The Great Divine Director

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